Airbeam Beta

Create, maintain, publish web & mobile UIs — without coding

Upload Sketch designs, create dynamic layouts, generate React, Vue, React-Native code and export it to Codesandbox & Expo.
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Hello Product Hunt! We’re happy to announce Airbeam Beta. We've been working on Airbeam for several months and we're super excited to finally show it to you. Airbeam is a visual tool aimed for building web & mobile UIs embracing the medium in which the product is built — thus integrating both designing and building into the product development process. Traditional UI design tools are isolated from the actual capabilities and constraints of the platforms that product teams are building for. We think too much time is spent creating disposable designs and replicating them in code. Airbeam helps designers and developers iterate faster in the actual medium, as opposed to iterating high-fidelity simulations that end up being rebuilt during development. We think it’s time to move on to a more efficient way of building web & mobile applications. Airbeam is still in its early stage, but we want to share with you the first step of its development journey — which allows Sketch designs upload, dynamic layouts, React/ Vue/React-Native code generation and export to Codesandbox and Expo. The next step, which will be live in the following months, involves capabilities related to building from scratch — drag & drop, support for ant design components, publish to npm & git . If you’re as excited as we are, stay tuned — we’ll keep you posted. We would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to also ask questions or suggest improvements.
@timofte_nicu Airbeam looks great, congrats on your PH launch! How about an interview about it at Send me an email to Paul(at) if interested!
@timofte_nicu I like how you are gearing this towards application UI.
What would you like to do with Airbeam sooner?
generate plain HTML & CSS code
import designs from Figma
import designs from Adobe XD
define project level theming
publish to Git
publish to NPM
compose using Ant Design components
compose using Material UI components
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I think this could use a better tagline than "Dropbox for designers", which makes it sound like another cloud storage solution.
@bradenhamm good point :) we did StartupSchool and this tagline had the best feedback in the weekly sessions, so decided to use it. true tho that in this context it's misleading . thanks for the feedback tho
i have a figma mockup now, what can i do with airbeam now ?