A workspace for your team's images and videos

#2 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2020
- Organize content and manage creative workflows
- Easily find assets with smart search, color filters, and image recognition
- Collaborate with teammates and guests—no frustrating link permissions or lost feedback!
- Web and native access on iOS and Android
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Hey Product Hunt, My name is Shane and I started Air with Tyler Strand in 2017. Over the last three years we've built and rebuilt our product from scratch—and now we're finally ready to share our progress with all of you. Our goal with Air is to create a home for the creative process. We believe every modern company is beginning to operate like a media company, but the tools for collaborating with images and videos have not kept up. The "modern" stack is Dropbox/GDrive (cloud storage) or a complex DAM managed by the IT department. For end users, these tools lockup creative assets, and teams waste time (and money!) duct-taping together a text/Slack/email solution. Air is a workspace for teams and their visual work. Users import images and videos directly from cloud storage and Air automates organization with image and color recognition. "Boards" are used to pull together assets for a discussion or distribute content to partners while on-the-go. Today, thousands of users manage photo shoots, build light-weight presentations, and plan next month's campaigns with boards on Air. We hope Air will finally give users a space to think creatively. Signup through the link above and use code "PHTRIAL" to access our 30-day free trial. We'd really appreciate any and all of your feedback. A big, BIG welcome to life on Air! We're so excited for you to get started. Shane
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So much better to look at than Dropbox and Google Drive
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@kathy_m_osborne really appreciate the feedback. We built Air specifically for visual workflows so it's great to hear folks respond to those expectations!
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We love using this Product at The Infatuation! Excited for your launch today and congrats to you and the team.
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@saved_bythenell Thaaaaank you! We love our customers and it's been so much fun watching you and the team get started. Nick and the creative team have done an amazing job creating all of your restaurant imagery, and the feedback we've received from the partnerships and editorial team has really helped push us forward.
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Huge fan of the Air product. From being able to search by color or item to a much easier schema for organization, Air makes managing photos, videos, etc. a breeze!
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Thaaaaanks @caitlinbolnick1! Have loved learning about product lead growth tactics from you, Blake, and the OV team:
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super slick product. finally something that solves many of the issues of dropbox and google drive!
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For those who don't know check out Worthless Studios to see unreal work by @neil_hamamoto! Air works for creative teams of any size, shape, or field!