The SoapBox Sidekick is an AI assistant 🤖that helps managers and their teams prepare for one-on-ones and team meetings, facilitate conversations and gain insights into performance and engagement. Join the waitlist for early access!
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👋Hi Product Hunt, We’re super excited to give ProductHunters early access to our AI Meeting Assistant: The SoapBox Sidekick. Managers and employees will be able to interact with the assistant in-app to prepare for meetings, facilitate conversations and get insights into how the team is engaging and performing. We welcome your feedback on the landing page and look forward to delivering this to you before year end! Brennan
This is awesome - looking forward to trying it out Brennan!
Is it a tool to schedule meetings like calendly !
@hammad_akbar Hey Hammad - we're pretty focused on internal meetings right now. That means 1:1s with your team, team meetings, all hands, etc. The can help with scheduling... but it's real superpower is helping your team show up prepared and keeping you productive.
This looks super useful for teams looking to have better internal meetings! Congrats on the launch Brennan and team! 🐶
Great landing page ! Congrats on getting this out !