A 1-step, autonomous meeting scheduler.

An autonomous meeting scheduler that finds the perfect time for everyone to meet with just one email.

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Thanks for hunting us, @austenallred! We're Ahoy.Ai, an autonomous meeting scheduler that finds the perfect time for everyone to meet with just one email. To use, simply cc: "meet@ahoy.ai" in your next email. We’ve been developing Ahoy.Ai since last December and it’s great to finally release the product beyond a private beta. As a team, we had been previously working on a collaborative task management app and stumbled upon the idea of Ahoy.Ai while trying to reschedule a meeting. We realized how difficult it was to compare and find an ideal time for everyone to meet and thought there had to be a better solution than current products out there. Our goal is to completely eliminate the back-and-forth of emails when scheduling events. Unlike some competitors, we believe there should be no transactional email needed in order to successfully schedule meetings. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at jesse@ahoy.ai Jesse
I'll definitely use it! How about if the people we are planning to meet will be busy at that time?
@orhanbayram hey Orhan! Great question! So ahoy uses nlp to check for general times of day, say "afternoon", and date ranges, say "later this week", and then finds a mutually available time within those preferred ranges. No need to find or suggest a the time yourself. 😃
Worked good for the most part. On both iphone and desktop browser, when you finish oauth as a recipient to allow gmail access, it shows a blank section of the screen where the calendars should be. I clicked back in my browser, clicked on allow again and then my calendars showed up and allowed me to proceed.
@geoff_rothman thanks for the feedback, Geoff!
If anyone has any questions they're more than welcome to ask! We're here for you. alex@ahoy.ai
Very awesome! Is Ahoy smart enough to find available/open room as week?
@quynh_d_nguyen not at the moment but it is something that's on our radar, as a time could be classified as "not available" if all meeting rooms are taken at that time.