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This is pretty much identical to Lean Domain Search - http://www.leandomainsearch.com/
It's funny out of all of the domain searching tools, I still love my Instant Domain Search. https://instantdomainsearch.com/. I've found getting great domains from words is rare and just quickly searching is more efficient.
@blainehatab It's pretty crazy how difficult finding a good domain name still is -- the barrier to entry to getting a domain is fairly non-existent, and there are only so many TLDs. I often wonder what the Internet (in terms of domain names, etc) is going to look like in, say, fifteen years -- almost everything will have already been taken.
@dshaw_ Agreed. No clue. It depends on your audience though what you can get away with TLDs. I guess with google does it matter though.
@dshaw_ @blainehatab In 15 years web domains will be less important and apps will be the denominator.
Doesn't include the new Top Level Domains... If I search for "mens underwear club" I would expect it to return mensunderwear.club as an option, but it doesn't... The only one of this bunch that seems to do a good job at this is http://domainr.com
@pitdesi We've added .NET today, and working on .ORG. After that we'll implement several other TLDs.
We've added .NET domains in search results today. Please check it out and let me know if you stumble upon any issues.
I may be 2 years behind the times here, but this is definitely the best domain search / startup naming aid I have come across to date. Fair play @jlangvad
@redoisin Thank you so much! We're working on some updates to the site. Will be released soonish