Easy to use agents for machine learning development

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Agenty is a SaaS platform with easy-to-use automated cloud-based agents for data scraping, text extraction, text classification, OCR, categorization, change tracking and more with no coding required!
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Vikash Rathee
Vikash RatheeMakerPro@vikashrathee · Founder of Agenty
Hi, Product Hunters! We have been working on Agenty from a long time, and today I am so excited to show it to the Product Hunters community. We are launching 4 agents today : - Scraping agents : Point-and-Click web scraping agent to extract data from websites of choices. Convert websites into api in lass then 2 minutes (see my video) or install the extension from Chrome store - - Textract agents : Extract text and metadata from almost any documents in batch - OCR agents : Extract text from images and pdfs. - Bar code recognition agent - Recognize the bar code number and it's type from products photo captured by mobile or cameras. All agents are API ready, see the documentation - Go to our website and signup to get 100 pages credit free to try any agent you like. And you can go PRO anytime if you like it, the pricing plan just starts from $29 per month (10x lower then our main competitor in web scraping whose plans starts from $299) I’ll be available all the day today to answer any comments, feedback you have, really looking forward to it
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar@new_user_92f2651bdb
Documentation and Video tutorials are really helpful for making and structuring Agent.
Vikash Rathee
Vikash RatheeMakerPro@vikashrathee · Founder of Agenty
Derek Neuland
Derek Neuland@derekneuland · Business Development - Lead Generation
I’ve been using Agenty for several months now and I love it! It’s super easy to use and get the data you need from a website.
Vikash Rathee
Vikash RatheeMakerPro@vikashrathee · Founder of Agenty
@derekneuland Thanks Derek, your feedback inspire us a lot!