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Afterklap is curated Indian e-commerce. Curators hand pick quality products with great style, amazing prices and free or low shipping.

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Nice looking site, although the design looks very similar to Canopy (cc @shanndfox).
@shanndfox @rrhoover Yes our key difference is how user navigate across product and how accessible everything is.
Great work with AfterKlap, any plans of releasing an iOS app?
@rahulistic Yes. Our android app is built in react-native. We're tweaking few things for iOS so it will be available there soon.
Good idea, and it similar to Canopy. Also do check your prices, e.g “Philips EyeCare Desk Light” is wrong in your site. So try work on amazon price sync or else it’s just an another affiliate site.
@elavenil_e Thanks for your feedback. We're working on sync part. :)
Looks like this product is dead, I am not seeing any updates, also unavailable products are listed.