Convenient visual communication for application development.

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Soonhyo Kim
Alice Inc.
Hi dear Hunters My good friend Steve is a maker of 'Afit', and I thought I might as well share it with you guys. It's basically a productivity tool for communication in developing an application; works for both iOS and Android. I usually give feedback to developers through image, but it takes too long to point out what changes I want for which part of the application. Apparently 'Afit' loads mobile device screenshots to its website - AUTOMATICALLY Then I can click on the image to point out which part needs to be fixed and write comments. It saves significant amount of time and a lot of frustration. Also, there was an update recently that allows Copy and Paste (Ctrl+C,V) for image upload directly from desktop. That gives me room to breath if I want to share any reference from my computer. Steve tells me that 'Afit' has many local users, but not many global users. So, any questions, comments, or feedback from you guys are dearly welcome. I will show each comment to Steve (or I might just show him this post). Good luck to you all Hunters,
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