Decentralized, censorship resistant social media

Afari is a decentralized social media platform that aims to give people more control of their privacy and data, and reward them for creating quality content that others enjoy.

The web app beta is the first step to achieving those aims. You own all your data on Afari, as it uses Blockstack, a blockchain-based naming and storage system.

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Okay, time to be that guy again...

Another case of using blockchain for the sake of using blockchain. I'm (and 99.995% of users) will not go and download a thing and figure that out just to sign up for this.

This product is a blatant Twitter clone which was created by search and replacing "database" with "blockchain", it's not needed and will be forgotten tomorrow.




Pointless Twitter clone, need to jump through hoops just to sign up

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Hey Max, thanks for your feedback - I agree with the jump through hoops part, but I'd encourage you to actually read about Afari before dismissing it. We do not just replace "database" with "blockchain", so I'd appreciate if you took the time to read about how our architecture is set up in this article ( and would then welcome your comments and would be happy to debate the merits of our design decisions.
Hey PH, I’m Avthar, one of the co-founders of Afari. We started working on Afari earlier this year while still in college. After turning down our job offers at tech giants and other blockchain startups we’re now working on it full time and are excited to share the launch of our public beta with the PH community! We built Afari to give people who value privacy, data ownership and censorship resistance, an alternative to centralized social media like Twitter and Facebook. You can think of Afari as a decentralized Twitter, but we plan to be more than that. In future, we plan to integrate a token network to help content creators of all audience sizes monetize their content more easily. This is our first time launching anything and the app is still in beta, so we’d love for you to use the app and offer feedback on the features present, UX, and anything you think would make Afari more appealing to you!
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@avthars1 Maybe it's a useful approach, but could you make it less twitter look-alike? It doesn't feel good. For example look at what Mastodon did with it.
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@monkinco You're spot on. Thanks for the feedback! We wanted to create something familiar to people, hence the Twitter feel. But we're slowly creating our own UI/UX feel and aesthetic - for example, the way we've implemented photo galleries. v2 of web and the mobile app will reflect this.
Congrats on the launch team, super excited about Afari and what it enable in the future.
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The Afari team has done a spectacular job in such a short amount of time, and I would highly recommend their platform for anyone who is the least bit concerned about data privacy.


Secure, easy to use, familiar interface


Slight technical wonkiness due to it being their first launch

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Joshua here, I design at and I got a comment about your product. Afari looks like Twitter, why take a direction that looks similar to another social media?
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@joshua_yap Hey Joshua, thanks for taking the time to give feedback. As I mentioned in a previous reply, we wanted a UI layout that felt familiar to people. We're working on a new UI layout that will be rolled out in our mobile app. Would love to hear any suggestions you have for what UI/UX we could have that emphasizes user privacy and data control! On a general note, if you open up Twitter, Instagram, Facebook - they all kinda look the same, but I agree that we need for differentiation on visual design. Let the iteration begin!