Kareem Lewis reviewedAdvocateSwap a pledge, further your mission

Simple, smooth and focused around the vision of the app instead of being flashy & in your face.


Early days so the pledges are limited. When you pledge to do something and confirm, the confirmation needs to be a bit more obvious!

The final screen needs to have almost a little dialogue that goes "you've now pledged to do X, fancy reading about it now?" with some generic links to recommended websites/material to materialise this pledge.

We live in a hyper-consumer world where convenience is key as laziness becomes habit. Having all the resources ready there as soon as the pledge is made would allow the user to really go through with it.

All in all, I'm excited to see what the future holds for this app. I believe in its belief and hope to see it become the best version of itself soon!

Crack on boys, you got this! :)

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