AdStage V2 and Universal Data API

The easiest way to ship ad data to all your marketing tools

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A huge shout out and thank you to @jason for hunting AdStage v2. Hey Product Hunters! Sahil, co-founder and CEO of AdStage here. When we originally launched AdStage back in 2013 we set out on what most-people would consider a nearly impossible mission -- gather data from the five largest ad networks and translate fragmented performance metrics into one dashboard. AdStage v1 offered the ability to create and manage ad campaigns across all the major networks (Google, Bing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of AdStage v2 brings access to our Universal Data API along with a fresh new UI and UX across our four products -- Create & Manage, Automate, and Report. AdStage v2 takes the integrations from v1 to the next level with cross-channel reporting, automation, and more data sources to better align campaign performance with over business goals. Use our Universal Data API to collect data across your existing marketing stack - CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, billing system, etc. - and optimize PPC campaigns using more meaningful business metrics like Customer Lifetime Value. A lot of companies (Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, IBM) are building “Marketing Clouds” -- we think that’s too broad. We’ve built the first Paid Marketing Cloud (for the advertiser specifically). Looking forward to hearing from you all! Ask me anything! P.S. Put AdStage v2 to the test, sign up for a free 14-day trial here 👉 . I’d love to get your honest feedback.
@sahilio @jason another excellent shipment. how did you decide on a api instead of an end-to-end connection with other systems? what's the dev effort for a customer to connect their whole martech stack?
@ggnall @jason Hey Graham, great question. Our API serves as a simple way for a marketer to grab all their paid data and ship it anywhere. However, it also allows marketers to ship their own data (i.e. sales data, ltv, cac, etc) /to/ AdStage to Report or Automate on. Here is some documentation: There is a bit of dev effort to hook up Custom Conversions, i.e. ship conversion data to AdStage via our API, but once hooked up, it's incredibly powerful. We'll continue to develop easier ways to connect these sources to AdStage tools.
This is outstanding! Definitely a product I have been wanting for a while. It was only a matter of time that someone built an Infer type product for managing/improving on advertising specific lead sources. Can't wait to give this a try!
@rand0wens Glad to hear it, Rand. Looking forward to your feedback once you dig in.
Congrats @sahilio and the AdStage team!
@dhertog Thanks David!