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» The mission of the ads.txt project is simple: Increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers and is a simple, flexible and secure method that publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory.

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Veli Bahçeci
Veli BahçeciHunter@velibahceci · Growth Hacker & Digital Marketing Expert
With Ads.txt generator for publishers, you can report your authorized sellers by creating Ads.txt file. Our Ads.txt generator is designed to help publishers to create the IAB compliant Ads.txt file and audit existing Ads.txt files for discrepancies. Enter your site domain for a complete list of all advertising platforms active on your site, and automatically generate you ads.txt file. Let's generate effective ads.txt files for your website that help you to ensure your direct buyers and other resellers are crawling and buying your inventory.