Sustainably made sportswear for stylish women

Adrenna is on a mission to create intelligent and sustainable sportswear. Using zero-waste manufacturing, each piece is made to order within 14-21 days customized to your body and selected colour combinations. Designs are made in London from Italian fabric and makers are paid more than UK minimum wage.

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I created Adrenna to combine my love of yoga, fitness and the environment. Clothing production is one of the most polluting industries and environmental damage is the most pressing issue of our generation. By using sustainable materials, producing and sourcing as locally as possible, and involving the customer in the design process, the mission is to lift the standard of manufacturing whole minimising environmental impact. In planning for the next collection: improving the online design process, introducing more natural performance materials, more options for extra tall customers, and enabling customers to design kit for a specific exercise or workout. We are currently running a giveaway here:
@juliengov There's such a strong ethical dimension to your brand. Choosing to make the clothes in London and pay more than minimum wage vs. manufacturing in Asia e.g. raises your startup costs, does it make it more challenging as a startup to pursue this strategy?
@abadesi Yes it is more challenging, but only because it’s not the usual way of manufacturing. I didn’t want to create just another sportswear brand made through mass production in Asia. The hardest task to date has been convincing manufacturing partners to take up our production model. I want to prove it is possible to bring considered design, sustainable materials and methods and ethical labour practices together. The more this model is adopted the easier and more cost effective it will become.
@juliengov I clearly have no personal need for this product, but I absolutely love your business model. Your aspirations are inspiring. Congrats, I wish you all the success you desire.
@nrmadi thank you! I was originally planning a menswear range as well, but found there was significantly less demand for it in my initial research. The key message is that a very old industry (clothing production) hasn’t changed for a long time, but it needs to.
@juliengov I agree 100%, like so many industries, a disruption is needed. Great job!
Congratulations!! For the launch of your clothing-brand !! 😊
@ayush_chandra thank you! Would love to hear any honest feedback