Adopt a Democrat

Find and adopt your next favorite candidate & save democracy

Join our small-dollar, individual donor army working to directly fund & promote Democrats & Progressive candidates. Flip the Senate, Save the House!
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too political
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@jeremy_poland1 counter-point, not political enough!
I think it’s a good idea, but should be open for more political parties. I really don’t think Tech should be picking sides You mention ‘not every platform is for every user’. That’s a pretty straw man argument. We should always be trying to include people in software, not exclude
So sad. Follower of the false left/right paradigm. "The Progressives and Democrats play fair all the time, the other sides do not." one with an IQ over 50 could possibly believe that. The sides are equally corrupt. Agree with Adam and others. Platform should be available to all.
Hi! I made this product to see if I could use modern startup processes and tools to help candidates win elections by engaging individual donors to "Adopt" a candidate in another district. So far it's working well, in the last few months we've raised over $100,000 for some large, but mostly 'small' grassroots Democrats and Progressives and raised awareness about a bunch of causes we love. The Trump campaign did well using digital platforms to influence the election, much the way the Obama campaign did before it. Since campaign tech often just dies a horrible death after an election we wanted a way to build and test products at Internet scale that can remain around (as free tools for future candidates, or as companies) It's not bi-partisan - it's HEAVILY partisan and that's by design (and A/B testing). The Progressives and Democrats play fair all the time, the other sides do not. As an Independent non-connected group we can use the same tools (campaign structures, fund structures, etc) to achieve the same goal on behalf of the Dems w.o. their having to agree or disagree with our methods. All the tools exist to drive awareness of a candidates and generate direct donation revenue to the candidates themselves. If you donate thru one of our ads, social media posts, meme campaigns, or websites then you become a direct donor to that candidate (or cause) In order to make money for ourselves and to keep the servers lights on we setup a Super PAC (Resistance Tech PAC) and that will be the first funding vehicle to help keep this all going. We happily take corporate money to keep things moving along. Lastly, there will be a venture fund setup to raise money for the products that can become companies, to invest in 3rd party tech that fits our model and makes our platform stronger and future plans involve a PE rollup fund. Since Twitter made the idiotic decision to remove political ads (IMHO, this hurts only small greassroots candidates and does nothing for larger corporate candidates...) we would be most grateful for a like, follow, and a share ;D Ask me anything.
@helloduane you should offer the same product for the other parties
@balupton why? The goal is to counter a GOP advantage, what is the rationale for being bi-partisan here. Not every platform is for every user. 🤷‍♂️
@helloduane so judgement has defence against temperament and bias, which occurs beyond tribalism
Great, another silly product.