Adobe XD

An end-to-end solution for designing & prototyping


Luis Solano
@luisobo · Lead Platform Engineer @ Pixable
This looks great, congrats! Here are a couple things I'd love to see in a product like this from a developer POV: - Ability to specify the layout constraints in a way that will scale to different screen sizes. In iOS this is called AutoLayout. The problem currently is that we (developers) get a static image and we don't get the specs for how that screen sho… See more
This actually looks like it will have all the features all other prototyping tools are missing. As much as I'd like to be using some underdog startups product and see their growth and evolution first-first hand I must say Comet seems like something to be looking forward to :)
Jason Culbertson
Our team uses Sketch everyday. And every day that we wait for this makes it harder to switch to a new tool. Also how many startups like Zeplin will make Sketch more compelling. In a fast moving company, "early 2016" is a lifetime away.
Arlo Gilbert
@arlogilbert · Founder & Angel
As cool as this looks, I avoid Adobe products since they switched to a subscription model. Really wish they'd go back to offering alacarte paid software purchases.
Matt Proto
@mattproto · Designer, Pixel Pusher
They went straight at Sketch with this one