Adobe Sensei

Unified artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Bent Stamnes
Bent Stamnes@gloom303 · Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
So, what is Adobe Sensei? I watched the video and I don't understand what it is. Seems like the video is a greatest hits collection of Adobe apps and services, but how does Sensei feature into this? Is there AI/machine learning built in across all Adobe apps somehow? I'm just terribly confused right now. :)
Brad Neuberg
Brad Neuberg@bradneuberg
Hard to tell from the video what this does or what it offers.
Nathan Windsor
Nathan Windsor@nathanwindsor · CEO Macroscape, Blockchain Veture Studio
I agree, just how are they using ML?
Steeve BOIS
Steeve BOIS@esthete · Founder & CEO Shyne! Make music
looks like a collection of algorithms used in Adobes softwares (and available in other softwares for a long time too) .... nothing new? Is this purely marketing ?