Make money from your VR/AR content.

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Admix is a free Unity plugin to place non-intrusive ads in your VR/AR content, filter advertisers via our programmatic platform, and start generating revenue in minutes. Being programmatic means that instead of working like an agency, we connect your content to large ad exchanges, such as our partner Oath, the parent company of Yahoo and AOL.

Matthew Hall
Noha Ibraheem
Luis Egan
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    Great idea to monitize right out of the gates


    Only unity plug-in, but that is okay with me.

    Love the concept and all the hard work that has gone into this concept. Can't wait to work them once we complete our project.

    Preston Odenbrett has never used this product.
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Eric Y Chen
Eric Y Chen@eyfchen718 · Head of Growth, Startpad
Genius idea to incorporate this into the ever expanding world of VR.
Samuel Huber
Samuel HuberMaker@samuel_huber
@eyfchen718 thanks Eric! We believe in creating a sustainable business model for XR developers ;)
Bogdan Yosava
Bogdan Yosava@bogdanyosava1 · Ukraine based SW Dev incl VR/AR UX/UI AI
100% agree with Eric comment 😃
Paul Shuteyev
Paul Shuteyev@paul_shuteyev · Founder/StartupRadius, CMO/PromoRepublic
The more advertising networks we have the better, congrats on your PH listing, and grab my upvote guys. Good job! I would like to offer you to publish an interview about Admix at please PM me at for more details
Samuel Huber
Samuel HuberMaker@samuel_huber
@paul_shuteyev thanks Paul, this is great. Will get in touch!
Chris Georgiou
Chris Georgiou@chrisgeorg_
This is the sort of development that will help XR become truly mainstream for everyones benefit. Well Done.
ali rahman
ali rahman@ali_rahman
Believe me that's an innovative idea in this field. I am really very happy for this one.