AdLibrary Helper is a free Facebook ad spy tool. Its data comes from Facebook's official ad library. It can provide you an advertising list, which is more convenient and practical than the Facebook ad library.
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62 Reviews4.4/5
AdLibrary is free tool created to help digital marketer & small business owners. 🌺🌺🌺 In fact, using Adlibrary for a period of time has made me more convinced that this tool can help my friends and me solve many advertising strategies on Facebook.
Thank you for the tool.
Hey Product Hunt! We're super excited to finally release to the public this tool. A big thanks to @kristofertm for hunting us!🙏🙏🙏 Through AdLibrary you can: 🚀Directly compare the data of related pages after searching. 🚀Present search results in a list, convenient and intuitive 🚀View ads related to search terms 🚀Collect and track Page data changes
@ad_library Thanks for the time saving tool. As one of the most important media platform, Facebook contains bunch of ads, this tool really helps a lot to compare ads.
@pi_zoidberg Thanks for your support
AdLibrary Helper offers amazing insight into your competitions Facebook ads in a convenient way via chrome extension. It's an impressive tool to have available, and even better that it's free!
@kristofertm Amazing small tool ! Compared with official ad library, this tool is much more handy and saving time ! I have recommended to my colleagues. All love it. Thanks Kristofer, a great hunting again !
In addition, I would like to briefly introduce myself and my team. I was working in advertising marketing for more than 6 years, and I was running a small advertising agency business. Facebook marketing was one of our primary services, and during all this time our team was struggling to create different and better ad for Facebook. We really need a convenient extension for our advertising strategy.
?makers A lot of comments and upvotes from fake accounts, good job 🤬