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Adlee - BMI Weight Tracker mobile app is your companion in a quest for a healthy weight. Log your daily weight changes and monitor your BMI score. Easily check how far you are from achieving a healthy weight.
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This app desperately needs a feature which automatically and regularly imports your weight data from popular services such as Nokia Withings, Garmin, or Apple Health. The fact that the app requires you to manually enter your weight data every day makes the app significantly less useful.
I actually like the idea of entering the data manually. It gives me more control over the input. One question @calum: How is calculated body fat % and BMI?
@calum @alexdevero What kind of "control" do you need over input?
@alexdevero Control over the input??? You mean falsifying your weight?
@alexdevero agree on the room for improvement in the data entry. Visual feedback with the actual values entered in the sliders would help. Snapping to values & haptic feedback would be nice too!
@magnuson Falsifying weight? Are you serious? What is the point of tracking weight if you manipulate with values? No. What I mean is adding more input, such as body water, muscle mass, more correct body fat %, etc.
Looks nice and feels smooth! What is made with? React Native? I agree syncing with services like Fitbit etc would be nice! Also some info on the calculation used would be nice.
@wouterds the about page list some Flutter packages, that might be it.
A good little tool. Always helps to be able to actually see the progress, even if it's slow.
It would be great if this took a birthday rather than an age, so that it could be calculated. It's a very well-presented app, though. Not so sure about the sliders at the start. It would have been much quicker with some more generic inputs.