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Adhunt is where makers and marketers can connect before a big launch. Makers can quickly showcase their product to marketers in an attempt to get a sponsorship or run native ads for launch day.

I’d love feedback––thanks for reading this 🙏

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Hi Product Hunt 😺, I am an early maker and aspiring nomad. First off, I want to thank @bramk for hunting my first no code project: “Adhunt” I made Adhunt because I wanted to make it easier for product makers to connect with marketers. The site is built so makers can showcase what they built with a screenshot of the product, a link to the website, contact info and an estimate of how much site traffic they’re likely to get in the first month. This makes it simple for marketers to view what products are about to launch on Product Hunt and reach out either to sponsor the product or run native ads on the product. The maker can get paid day one and the marketer can advertise on a product that is relevant to what they are selling. Thank you @thisiskp_ and @bramk for helping inspire me to finally ship a product even though I didn’t have the technical knowledge. Both taught me that I don't have to code to build a great initial product. If you’re launching soon, feel free to add your product on Adhunt in attempts to get sponsorships or run native ads on your product. I’d love feedback––thanks for reading this 🙏
Congrats on the launch @whit_anderson It was amazing watching you take an idea from zero to ship in such a short time. I fully dig your "why" behind this. Helping makers connect with marketers is a huge opportunity that could be a win-win for both sides. Love the site and that you kept it simple and straightforward. The best way to learn is by doing and the best way to validate an idea is by launching it to the public. Hope this catches steam with other fellow makers/marketers!
@thisiskp_ Thank you for your kind words and all you've done to help me. Your mentorship has so valuable to me and helped me get over the hump to actual build something and ship it.
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