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Open-source, transparent & privacy preserving display ads

AdEx is an advertising solution that reduces fraud, improves budgets and protects user privacy. Built on Ethereum, connecting publishers and advertisers on a decentralized ad exchange with real-time reporting and payments per impression w/o withdrawal threshold
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Hey, I’m Ivo and I’ve been building products most of my life (last 15 years) - I started coding at 10, and since then I've launched a game, a Linux distro, a video streaming app, and others. However, AdEx is the most significant product I’ve been a part of. Over time, my team and I have watched advertising threaten the web as we know it. Malvertising and fraud have taken over - and adblockeres are now a necessity for users, even though they’re unsustainable in the long run. AdEx is a solution for transparent, fraud-resistant and privacy preserving advertising. It’s a web app where advertisers and publishers sign up and interact with each other directly without any middle parties. Currently we only support display advertising but we plan to extend this. The way we do that is by using payment channels that run on Ethereum and enable micropayments for each individual impression. This eliminates under-reporting and guarantees your revenue, with no withdrawal minimums. The payments are in the DAI crypto stablecoin, which is pegged to USD. In terms of experience, this is the same as any other display publisher network: if you’re a publisher you just copy-paste an integration tag, and if you’re an advertiser you just top up your account (you can do it with GBP too, it will get auto exchanged to DAI) and set up a campaign in a few clicks. Targeting is done on the client side and is entirely contextual (based on the content of the page), meaning no user data is needed/collected.
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