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Addme is my social platform 'business card', it's awesome.

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Addme is fantastic. I think its a really great idea that solves a real problem. We are constantly joining more networks that we can make content on and be discovered on but each one only allows a certain number of characters in your bio. Rather than picking and choosing, Addme allows you to set just one link that beautifully displays all the others.


- It's simple

- It's effective

- It's designed really nicely


- Not optimized for desktop

Thanks for the feedback Jason! Yep, mobile was our first focus as we have been growing mainly through people sharing it on Snapchat/Instagram stories as links (SWIPE UP ⬆️ 👆). But we'll get there!
Thanks Jason! Indeed, instead of sharing many usernames of many different platforms, you just share only one username. Glad you liked it!

Here is some feedback:

1. Add an overview of supported channels to the front page if you want more people to use your service.

2. I personal also would like to see (kind of the german linkedin) and since i hate pinterest :)


It's great to share


To few channels are supported

Hey Tobias! We will improve the UX but we have quite a few channels in there. Go to your settings and you will see them all! Linkedin is already there. If you have any questions or need anything else, feel free to email me at - Thank you for the feedback 🙏

I would love to see some new sharing features such as a QR code. I would also like to see some new social profiles and simple contact information such as, Phone number and email. Would be nice to get some statistics as well. Over all great product and looking forward to see it grow!


Simple and straight to the point


Missing a few websites

Thanks @aviwolicki ! We were considering phone numbers but wanted to see if people requested it first - We got you for the rest! Stay tuned 🚀

Adding more links, or uploading our own images as cards/links would be great. Expanding on that idea I should be able to categorize links under 'social' or say 'blog posts' or any list I would want to create.


Seems like it would be a great app, and really useful


Didn't recognize my very real instagram username or youtube channel link.

Didn't recognize my youtube link either :(
I figured it out! You can't use your vanity URL. You need to use Channel ID). Here's how to find your YouTube Channel ID:

I stopped using my page years ago, and I can't imagine I will use this much.


It is a clean interface and a decent idea


I will never use this