"Add to Calendar" button for websites and newsletters

#2 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2015
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Thank you for adding AddThisEvent Eric!
Just tested this yesterday. It's well-done and does exactly what it says it does: easily add an event to a calendar.
Hi everyone, I created a similar open-sourced library back in the days (old, ugly code of mine): Perhaps some nerds out there are interested in checking it out / contributing :)
nice. most event platforms have that built in. but if no service is used this may come handy. does it work well also on mobile web?
@ourielohayon While not mobile-friendly, it does seem to work in iOS Safari just fine (opens a new window/tab with e.g. Google Calendar). I was tricked at first b/c the ProductHunt iOS app blocks the popup which made it look like it didn't work. cc/ @rrhoover
While this probably doesn't make as much sense on mobile, this is a great idea for the desktop Web as many browsers lack the capability to add events to your calendar.