Dynamic ad insertion service for your podcast

AdBarker is a podcast advertising platform with dynamic ad insertion capability.
- Compatible with all hosting providers
- Ads can be injected into all or specific episodes
- You are able to preview and approve all ads or upload your own
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We would LOVE to get some feedback! :D
@knagode For a second I thought this replaces ads in podcasts with dogs barking 🐢
@knagode @amrith haha me, too. Great minds think alike.
@amrith @abadesi hm .. One more thought like this and maybe we should consider pivoting :D
Impressive! I had a question and got back a quick, helpful, detailed, response.
hey everyone, thanks for the support. we currently have the most ad inventory for ecommerce and marketing related podcasts, and are happy to incentivize you to refer indie show hosts in these categories. :)