Adaptive Backgrounds

Extract dominant colours from images

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If anyone's interested, I converted this lib a while back so it didn't depend on jQuery:
@benhowdle Thanks for chiming in, Ben.
Is there something like this for iOS?
It blew my mind when somebody pointed out that Trello uses something like this to fill in the background color on card images.
Do you know of anything similar for iOS?
@SoleneMa & @bengold - I saw a few examples of code to do this (and have used them myself) whilst developing ColourColor. I'll dig them out and get back to you. EDIT: here's a solution by the guys at Panic. It's for Mac (based on the coloured cells in iTunes 11), but can easily be converted to iOS. If I find the other examples then I'll let you know.
This is awesome! Reminds me of what Pinterest does as thumbs are loading: Pinterest Makes Loading Smoother By Displaying Primary Image Color Behind Images: http://productdesigninspiration....