Create a unique web experience for each of your users

Adapti is a tool to help you create a unique web experience for each of your users.

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    Nicolas Valaizebusiness angel

    - front-end on-boarding within seconds

    - immediate personnalisation without technical knowledge

    - reactive team to help me setup


    - only English and French so far.

    Much impressed by the automatic personalisation. It looks like we don't need anymore to build the 100s of scenarios for each type of users. Also bringing personalisation to life for any website whatsoever, even small ones that don't have the tech support to handle all of the back-end hassle. Well done.

    Nicolas Valaize has used this product for one day.
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    great personalization tool !


    no cons

    visit them at lux future lab in Luxembourg

    Marie-Olivier Selis has used this product for one day.


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Bastian JakobsenMaker@bastianjakobsen · CTO -
Hey, I am the CTO behind the product. Do not hesitate to ask questions on how the tech works or how to implement it! I would be happy to help!
दीपक फिआलोक@deepakfialok · Product Manager at SOTI
Great idea....
Bastian JakobsenMaker@bastianjakobsen · CTO -
@deepakfialok Thanks man :) Please give your feedback, even negative ones! Learning makes the master!
Bastian JakobsenMaker@bastianjakobsen · CTO -
A small demo video for you!
Renato Rotsztejn@renatorotsztejn · Curious person who loves new products
@bastianjakobsen Nice and interesting approach! I see a lot of value in the product because we are different people and we should receive different content to focus our personal preferences and enabling companies to target you as an individual to have a better ROI. However, how does the personalization work? I'm not a technical guy, but I would like to understand it better, if possible, please?
Bastian JakobsenMaker@bastianjakobsen · CTO -
@renatorotsztejn Hey there! Thank you :) So technically : - We use NLP to understand what your different contents are about: this allows us to generate new versions and to understand what your users are looking at (tracking). - We then use data-mining techniques to interpret user navigations into usable data such as tastes (we however never collect private/sensitive information such as mails and so-on) - Finally our algorithm finds out what "version" of your content matches your user the best - we use Javascript to edit/rewrite your HTML and display the best version. If you want more info, I would be happy to show more, you can contact me directly on
Amanda Gonzalez@nekumakikadatsu · JavaScript Developer
I have no questions, only thanks for the work done. Thank you.