Intelligent meeting management platform for teams & managers is for teams with what's-the-point-of-this meeting, did-anyone-write-that-down meeting & send-a-followup meeting! manages meeting content, actions, agenda, decisions, notes & more to make sure that you are doing only the meetings that matter.
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Hi PH Community! Today, my co-founder @abdullah__kamel & I are very excited to finally launch here on product hunt. We’ve been through the struggle of the endless meetings that are held in every organization, which made us think, why are meetings so unproductive, and why are we always unprepared? We've also found that most of the meeting content is created on an individual basis and not managed properly while being scattered in different channels instead of being combined into one body of knowledge in an organized manner. That's where comes in, the all in one meeting management platform where you can fully manage your meeting content from agenda, actions, decisions while integrating with the tools you already use such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Trello, Asana and more We’ve built with the vision to become the intelligent meeting assistant for everyone in the workplace (helpful, personalized, proactive, and smart); proactively assisting you throughout the entire meeting flow: during preparation, facilitation, and documentation. We’re offering the PH community 3 months free on the Pro plan for up to 10 users to create unlimited meetings, projects, and integrations! We can’t wait to hear your feedback!
@abdullah__kamel @ahmadkamel got suckered in on the OG AppSumo promo... before the day was done I'd bought 3+ separate licenses and integrated it into client enviros! I love what you've built here, foundationally speaking, but, eventually fell off for one reason - & while it may strike you as the peak of "first world problems" flavored frivolity - ... lack of a native mobile app! I still love what you're doing and plan to stay onboard but uhhh - any ETA on mobile? Android, specifically? Keep it up, great launch, and I bet the BetaList community - while smaller in size and narrower in scope - would dig seeing this too! I'm super interested to see how you guys grow with time; admittedly, I'd love to *help* with that, too. if you're keep on a casual/no strings attached growth chat. :)
@abdullah__kamel @seymourgroup Thanks you so much Graham for your feedback, I highly appreciate it For the mobile app it's coming this quarter for both iOS and Android you can find it in our product public roadmap link below:
I highly recommended this service, inspiring and makes me hopeful for new generations, wish you have lots of new integrations on the horizon. Thanks for @abdullah__kamel & @ahmadkamel good luck guys you're doing great stay safe & healthy
@abdullah__kamel @selcuksenturk Thank you so much Selçuk for your feedback :), I really appreciate it
I am finding it really useful, even for personal use to keep notes and track on the multiple meetings in the company i am working. Looking forward to further developments. Great job!
@bes_muka Thanks a lot for your feedback, highly appreciate it.
I found to be very well designed, helping me work through the meetings without losing any points on a piece of paper or having to waste time typing up summaries of our meeting decisions once everyone hangs up. I am happy to see development happening on the roadmap! Wishing the team and us, users, great success! Thank you!
@nata_bu Thanks a lot Nataliya for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
Looks really useful and the UI is neat! Thought I'd leave some annotated comments on your landing page above the fold area that might help increase conversions for you guys --
@tom4 Thanks a lot Tom for your comments and feedback. I replied to all there.