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#4 Product of the WeekNovember 13, 2019
Adalo is a no-code platform for building powerful web and mobile apps, that can include payments, notifications, and more. Publish to the App Store, Google Play and the web!
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This would be lovely to have a launch lifetime plan
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Since finding Adalo I've used it to build out at least 10 apps both mobile and web over the last four weeks. My favourite thing is how intuitive it is to use and there is zero learning curve, unlike other comparable builders. At Makerpad we get requests multiple times per day asking which tools to use to build a web or mobile app and recently my most common answer is Adalo. Currently here at the NoCodeConf and had the pleasure of getting the first-ever demo of the API connector which will let you power your apps with API data. What's nice about this is you can pull in multiple endpoints into different collections and also have your static collections kept separately also. 100% sound like I'm shilling it right now but it really is that good and I'm pumped that there is a solution that's usable by anyone, no matter if you are technically minded or not. Thanks for building this @david_adkin & @jeremyblalock it's awesome. If you are looking to make your first web or mobile app I'd recommend this.
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Unfortunately, Adalo's free plan offers a measly 50 rows of data. So, no use investing time in exploring this app, however great, userfriendly, feature rich or functional it is. The starting price of 50$/Month is steep. IMHO, Adalo has outpriced itself out of the enthusiasts market very early on. Not everybody is looking towards nocode to build unicorns. Most of the times, it is just a small project. It looks like Adalo wants people to test out the 'creation of an app' part, but not test usage and use it without paying 50$. So, one can build an app and if they don't see their own app is worth 50$/month, they won't pay, no can they meaningfully use it. Adalo may be good for a small subsection of users who are not happy with the other offerings in the market like Bubble, etc. and are willing to pay 50$ for whatever advantage this offers. In my view the freebie plan must have at least a 1000 rows. Most won't use that much, but it gives a peace of mind that one can grow without having to pay 50$ when you cross about 50 rows of data.
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@altvu I just started using Adalo's free plan and I have to disagree with you on a number of points. 50 rows is more than enough for testing purposes and looking at the landscape of "no code" tools is very competitive. You don't need a unicorn to make more than $50 a month off of your app to pay for a subscription. Look at how much server costs for AWS and Digital Ocean are if you were to decide to write the code yourself. You're going to be paying something like $50 a month of operating costs down the line somewhere and I was blown away by how reasonable the pricing structure of this tool is. Bubble is nice for building landing pages, but I wouldn't build a production ready web app in it and it doesn't export to native iOS and Android and is only $25 cheaper which isn't a significant different imo.
@altvu Good luck finding same value elsewhere. I'm a developer. This can potentially save so much time for creating, launching, testing MVPs that $50 is nothing. Sucks for you. Have a developer create anything of equivalent value that you can make with this and you'll be looking at a couple thousand or higher fee. Do it yourself and you'll be looking at a couple or more months of work. Alternatives are mostly crap and though there are a few more upcomers (Draftbit) that may fairly compete with this, currently, I don't know of anything to let you build this level of functionality through simple drag-and-drop. 'Most won't use that much' Yup. You don't sacrifice business to save 20% of customers interest. Anyone serious, and in fact, any truly serious customer here will be willing to throw the $50 if the rest works.
@altvu @yogert96 Depends on the target audience, if you want to build a business MVP it's nothing, if you build your personal to do app, one of the templates, it's not nothing. Different use cases, different expectations.
@yogert96 We are coming at Adalo from different usage viewpoints. You are right when you say that, '50 rows is more than enough for testing purposes'. You are totally right about the cost of creating an app on DO. However, from my point of view and opinion, nocode isn't only for people looking to build an MVP and releasing it in a store. It is also for people with expertise, but no coding abilities to create apps for use in niche areas and small communities (say, inside an institution/company/factory,etc) - You know, the democratisation of software creation. I am currently using filemaker to create a solution I need to get things moving at my workplace that is dominated by android - and filemaker doesn't have a client for android forcing us to use a browser. I would like to think of users like me to be a large market.
@rfoenix You, being a developer will of course have a different PoV. I am not, and I am interested in building apps for use in my workplace. I will never hire an developer and spend thousands. All I want is to scratch an inch and create a solution to help me work with efficiency. I know, in all fairness, I am not the clientele Adalo has in mind. I am just adding my voice so that diverse users can openly tell what they don't like or wish for. The developer of course must do what they think is best for their target audience. Nothing against Adalo itself.
Hey Product Hunt! For the past two years we’ve been working hard on Adalo, a platform where you can make mobile and web apps without code. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve gotten from our early access users, and thanks in big part to their feedback, we’re now ready to share Adalo with the world. Software is the biggest driver of innovation in the world today, but only about 2% of the world can code. We believe that everyone should have the ability to create amazing apps. Since founding Adalo, our mission has been to create something simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough that you could create some pretty complex functionality, and we think we’ve come pretty close! **Some Highlights:** 🚀 Launch Anywhere Publish your app to the Apple App Store, Google Play, or your own website domain 📱🖥 Mobile & Desktop Your users are on different devices with different screen sizes. Your apps should be too. 🛠 Connect to Anything Connect your app directly to an API, to Zapier, or even another Adalo app. 💰 Payments Galore Accept credit card payments, Bank Transfers/ACH, subscription payments, even marketplace payments. 👩‍🎨 Design Freedom Whether your pixel jockey or a design newbie, we’ve got you covered. From app template, to screen templates, to Material Design components, there’s always a place to get started. Or start with a blank slate and drag and drop to customize your app’s design to your heart’s content. 🤯 Unlimited Apps! All of our plans include unlimited apps per account! Create multiple versions, test new ideas, or even launch a multi-sided marketplace with three different apps. Unlimited apps gives you the freedom to flex your creative muscles. To check out Adalo, you can create a free account at We would absolutely love your feedback and will be here on PH to answer any questions. Thanks! Jeremy & the Adalo Team
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@jeremyblalock congratulations everyone and thank you for building Adalo. It will get so many people no matter technical or not to that 'a-ha' moment needed when trying to build something without code!
@tomcosman thanks for the support!
@jeremyblalock and team - Congrats on the launch! Adalo looks amazing! #NoCode is the most powerful #WonderDrug.
@jeremyblalock wow...this is a real game changer. I would love to try it out.
@jeremyblalock looks great, congrats on the launch. one thing I'm unclear about - if I am on the Pro Plan do I have to publish via Adalo? Or can I get source files downloaded direct to my computer? Who owns the source code and who controls the app on the app store? If I stop paying the subscription does Adalo take control of my app? Looking forward to trying this!
Been wanting to give Adalo a try for a while now. 15mins in to testing and I'm impressed! But, also a bit disappointed that there is no API access for data on the free plan for testing purposes. It's probably the most important feature for me to test. I don't really want to be paying $50 to test something.
Hi @colinwinhall Thanks for the feedback. I think that's a good point. We'll work on a way to have the free trial include a way to test connecting to an API. In the meantime, I enabled API access for your account, so you can check it out. Let us know what you think; we're actively working on improving compatibility with more and more APIs.
@colinwinhall @ben_haefele Looks like an awesome product but I was a bit confused why the API option was disabled when I was trying to create an app. Would be really nice to be able to try out the API option as it's probably the most important thing for me :)
Hey @jamesdevonport! DM me and we can get you hooked up.
@jamesdevonport Should be all set now!
@ben_haefele Awesome, thanks!