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Hey all - we made this at @Qwilr so we could try to quantify / justify our ad spend. Pretty stoked someone thought it useful enough to put on Product Hunt. Happy to answer any questions about how we put it together and the assumptions behind it. (PS: And if you're feeling generous please check out https://qwilr.com for our actual product :)
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always pleasantly surprises me when something you "can do easily" is something you "rarely do" until given a simple pretty tool like this. so thanks for this, bookmarked!
@dylanbaskind -- beautiful user interface and a helpful tool. Props! Have you thought about including cost of goods sold (COGS) and discount rate to improve the LTV calculation?
@jmelaskyriazi Hey John, just replying for Dylan (as it's 6amish in Sydney & I'm in SF) - we just built this for our own use (B2B SaaS) but might give it a bit more love with this very positive response. @SteveHind, who built the original excel model for us (as he is an ex-BCG excel guru) originally had COGS in there too, but it isn't relevant for our business.
This was very useful!
@jamesepember Glad you dug it James!
I love this! Very simple to use and extremely useful. (Qwilr also looks beautiful; love the concept of sending proposals as web pages.) Now I'll be curious to see how many sign-ups come from this signal boost ;)
@stttories Thanks Tori! We're also interested in that :) So far so good!