Track everything you do on computer and block distractions

ActivTrak is an activity monitoring software which can help you optimize the way you and your team work:

✋ Block distracting websites and optimize your work time

👌 Improve security within your organization

💻 Measure how much you and your team spend on FB

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Hunters, At pickSaaS we were happy to review ActivTrak software. A really nice way to monitor your computer activity and optimize the way you and your team work. For us, it let us block distracting websites to focus more on getting work done! With the "picksaas" code, you get 25% discount on the software. Looking forward to learning your feedback about this one :)

Really like ActivTrak for personal use as it can help to optimize the way I work and eliminate distractions.


Multiple features, easy setup, helps to eliminate distractions from a daily work.


Might not be the best idea to implement in every organization.

I like the ability to easily create custom alarm triggers along with personalized popup messages. I also use ActivTrack to block distracting webites.
Good one!