context-augmented intelligence for meetings

Acrossio is a platform that captures context during your meetings and combines it with Ai to reveal your blind spots, detect ideas opportunities and risks in high-stakes discussions

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Hello Product Hunters! My hope is to excite you with Acrossio’s groundbreaking enhanced approach to collaboration and meetings. Slack, Hipchat and others have made significant advancements in social collaboration via persistent chat. However, persistent chat only supports a part of the teams’ collaboration and meeting needs. When a team goes from persistent chat to meetings, context and knowledge are lost and continuity is broken. Meetings conducted as conference calls, online meetings, web conferencing, and the like are still disconnected from the rest of team engagement. Acrossio is born to change all that and much more. When typed conversations are just not enough to get your point across; Acrossio lets you hold intelligent online video chat meetings. The participants may be online, in a conference room, coffee shop or anywhere you have an internet connection. We capture people’s “aha” moments in an intuitive and elegant way via bookmarking while the meeting session is recorded. Acrossio, simultaneously indexes the video chat to user comments, bookmarks, screen share, tasks and the like directly on the cloud. Users can later, search, discover, refer to and even engage with others in these sessions using mentions. So how many of the following points have you experienced? 1. Lost memory and context when you go from persistent chat to meetings. 2. Hate meetings because most are not run well. 3. Meeting minutes suck if minutes are even taken. 4. Tasks are rarely documented well. 5. Key people miss critical meetings creating the need to repeat meetings or settle with subpar results. 6. You are on meeting overload… Consequently you forget what and/or why something was decided in a meeting. With Acrossio teams can: 1. Record their meetings (collaborative sessions, planning, need discovery, interviews, onboarding) 2. Add indexed annotations (bookmarks, tasks, chat, docs, pics, links, etc.,) 3. Mentions engage team members during and even after the meeting has concluded 4. Everything is discoverable 5. Click on result and play from the time stamp. Bottom line… Acrossio’s core value is found at the conclusion of the meeting. When you need it... You can find it in seconds. Thanks for checking out Acrossio!
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As a professional I spend between 20% to 80% of my time in meetings resulting in at best incomplete minutes and/or action list. Furthermore, individuals who missed the meeting don’t add value nor receive value from the meeting. Context on decisions are also lost. By using Acrossio I found that I can reclaim back my time from dumb meetings. Great job guys !
Had a chance to use @Acrossio and one thing I can say is ... accountability! Texting is good for asynchronous communications but when it comes to real time comms such as meetings or sales pitches, it really makes a difference.
@tsoniotis @acrossio Thanks Nikolas. We hope you love and keep using Acrossio
Great work guys!!! You’ve got my vote, thumbs up !!!! I work as an Agile coach in a fast paced enterprise where technology changes rapidly. It is a multicultural environment around five continents with ~650 video conference rooms, 40 million IMs per month and a 225K teleconference meetings summarizing to 40 million minutes, your core proposal on handling this intelligence and knowledge created, seems to be the part of the puzzle that is missing. Trying to keep track all these knowledge in our everyday work, we use tools as Confluence, Jira, SharePoint, MS Lync, Webbex, Netmeeting(the old days, can’t forget it :)), Skype for business, Wikis, Blogs, Video recordings and our own enterprise social networks (Facebook/Twitter like) and even enterprise “you tube” like tools. At the end of the day every worker feels overwhelmed when it comes to sharing knowledge and frustrated when acquiring knowledge. New ways of working and the change happen 7 years ago (we decided to say goodbye to Waterfall) let us embrace face to face communication but on the other hand lose a lot of intelligence. In a numerous cases where critical information purely conveyed and errors accumulated in the retelling from one to another (like Chinese whispers game), led to waste of time and communication by re-opening the same discussions again and again. Cultural differences and distributed work (that is inevitable in our case) leads on a daily basis misinterpretations and misunderstandings that are a very common in our everyday work where project of millions of euros implemented by hundreds of people lead to the paradox where a handful of people is actually holding the appropriate knowledge. Although most of the people will argue that this is a case of a bad way of working implementation. In my experience this is reality and I guess this is the reason behind the ‘big bang’ on collaboration tool development that is taking place for the past five years and more. All the tools mentioned above seem to facilitate the interactions between people. The knowledge is shared and is lost as soon as hung up is pressed :( . Video recordings and wikis are static and as soon as information shared is found to be outdated (or occasionally wrong) no one gets in trouble to correct it unless the author does himself. Your proposal on capturing knowledge between peers, for knowledge sharing and acquisition on enterprise level, for me as said before is what I miss in my corporate environment and everyday work. Your proposal in regards to future of work puts your proposal in the center of making everything else accompany you. Keep up the good work. * I hope my feedback and needs (sent through your support button) fits your product roadmap.
@george_stamos WOW, did you nail it! What you describe above is the impetus behind Acrossio. Lost knowledge, lost intelligence, lost context when going from one tool to the other, lost opportunities, etc. Context, knowledge and continuity go out the window when we jump from app to app. Furthermore, people missing meetings miss out and the team/company loses. We set out to solve this as well. With Acrossio, you are able to gain continuity in engagement before, during and after the meeting. Along with that, you retain knowledge and context. The best part is that when the team needs to know; Acrossio's discovery puts everything at its fingertips. If that's not enough; you'll be blown away with AI and actionable intelligence. Looking forward to seeing your team on Acrossio.
@pamantas Big boats don't turn easy :( but thats my job :) though. Until then, i enjoy my experience working with my fellow professionals and peers. Guess what we are talking about. Change management :)
@george_stamos Agree. But you never know how far a little nudge will take it;-) Thanks for you interest, comments and engagement. I suggest that you find a place to start using it... How about one of these? 1. Stand-ups 2. Candidate interviews 3. Team member onboarding (Do it once and reuse) 4. Product planning 5. Customer needs discovery 6. Staff meetings 7. Focus groups Just to name a few. @Acrossio is a perfect medicine for the "I don't recall agreeing to do this."
@pamantas Thank you for posting. I am looking forward to hunters' feedback and questions
I <3 anything that adds tasks as easily as Acrossio does. Ideal for taking down minutes. Good job guys. Keep it up. :)
Thank you @hsoc ! More and exciting features are in the roadmap. We will keep you posted
@hsoc You got it! Tasks with mentions of those responsible are delivered to all participants at the end of the meeting. Each task has an associated time stamped (indexed) permalink. If you wish to recall what you agreed to do... Click on the permalink and you replay the meeting video from that time stamp. There is no need to replay the full meeting video for that golden nugget. Acrossio does all of the heavy lifting for you. Copy and paste tasks or anything else in minutes, in your favorite task management app or any other app which plugs into your daily activities. Acrossio delivers ease, productivity and accountability.