Accountability Buddy

Personal AI Assistant that keeps you on track to reach goals

Accountability Buddy is a bot that aims to help you achieve your life goals, weekly goals and so much more. Just image a quick and fun tool that can help you in all facets of your life!

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Thanks for hunting @edisonjoao6871, how does this product help people stay accountable to their goals?
@abadesi it checks in with you to see how you're doing based on the goal.
@abadesi Hey, I thought submitting the product at midnight might of helped, but it appears as if it was submitted yesterday. This was my first time submitting my product. Can I try again another time and also plan things out more?
Great idea and use of bots! What else do you have planned for it?
@mdorsett Hello! I will be further developing it, let the bot get smarter and have nice features, like matching you with a real accountability buddy, and things. Also, an actual iOs app, which I'm working on!
@edisonjoao6871 Sounds awesome! Would love to feature you at the next Product Hunt Demo night in Miami! You are in Miami correct?
@mdorsett thank you! Yes, I would love to as well! I am in Miami indeed! (I'm working on a bunch of things, so this can be great!!)
I am going to give this Frida a try!