Accordium Flow

Flow is the easy way to streamline your sales processes.


With digital contract management, sales workflow automation, live contract editing and electronic signatures. Accordium creates beautiful software that supercharges business performance wherever sales negotiations and paperwork is involved. It's simply a better way to do business and close more deals.

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  • Rasmus Foged
    Rasmus FogedCEO, Upodi

    The tool is so simple, and provides the exact workflow you need to optimize sales and contract closing.


    There are soo many nice features I would love to have in the tool. I know the team works to provide all; can't wait for next release.

    Accordium hits a need - prior to signing where most vendors today invest to solve the issue. Workflow and forward-back approaches to signing contracts is eliminated with Accordium. And you keep the overview and track of the current pipeline to closing.

    Rasmus Foged has used this product for one month.
  • Peter Sterkenburg
    Peter SterkenburgCX/Customer Success/Saas

    Finally a tool that helps creating clear contracts, for all involved. No more terribly constructed/concocted contracts.


    Just launched, so surely still loads of goodies to be released

    Having worked for years in the aftersales process of a number of software companies, one of the most frustrating things for all involved are terrible contracts, full of mistakes and things not agreed upon. This tool surely helps alleviate those issues. Looking forward to see it develop and expand! I will recommend it to whatever SaaS company I come across.

    Peter Sterkenburg has never used this product.
  • Mel Simons
    Mel SimonsHead of Customer Success GenieBelt

    Easy to use, slick design, lovely simple to use tool


    just waiting on some new functionality, teams upload of different file types, which I know is on its way

    Fantastic customer support is a real plus.

    Mel Simons has used this product for one month.
  • Nils König
    Nils KönigCo-Founder at Komod

    Great tool! This really has enhanced my workflow noticeably.


    Quite new product. Looking forward to the new features in pipeline and further product developments!

    Nils König has used this product for one month.
  • Calum Wright
    Calum WrightSenior sales associate

    I like the idea. Optimizing this process could be key to minimizing the sales process


    I havent used it, so hard to say what the problems are.

    Good people who are leading it

    Calum Wright has never used this product.
  • Amrit Gill
    Amrit GillSales strategist

    Easy experience, faster decision making,shorter sales cycles, more deals.


    Great tool ! Works as desired

    Awesome tool.more time for sales since I use accordium

    Amrit Gill has used this product for one month.