Offsites made easy: simple tools for powerful conversations.

About - Team Offsites has some really neat tools that teams can use to have the conversations that make for a great offsite. We tried them and really liked them, and I know they've signed up a bunch of big clients. They are new, but the founder worked with the co-CEO of Bridgewater (the hedge fund) and knows what he's talking about.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use interface and immediate comparison/results for the team. The learning is democratized and shared with everyone.


    Some UI changes would make the process more intuitive.

    We've been using Accompany at our small team for a few months. The insights are immediate and tangible. With little effort, our team dynamic is described in great detail and peer-to-peer interactions made more clear and deliberate thanks to the immediate advice from the platform. It's simply a no-brainer for teams. We're planning to expand to our federated global network of volunteer groups across 60+ countries soon.

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  • Joe Thomas
    Joe ThomasHead of Product, Loom

    High degree of value for a very small amount of time input


    Early, but there are some obvious next steps that could unlock a ton of value for your team!

    We used Accompany here at Loom for our first retreat: before, during, and after. Being a first time founder, it was pretty revelationary for me to go through the process with Accompany, collect data from my teammates, and then have specific action items based on the feedback.

    Most all problems that companies face are Who? problems. If you can make sure your team is happy, productive, and inspired then you can focus on what matters most to your business which is innovating. Accompany takes the guess work out of making that happen.

    Thanks Parker and Accompany team for building such an insightful product. Excited to see where this goes!

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  • Pros: 

    Deep insights into team performance, priorities, and culture with very little work; access to insights you couldn't otherwise get


    Small UX changes could make some marginal improvement

    This product is extremely valuable for leaders trying to understand and improve the teams they're working with. There are three different products, each of which provides particular insights into the ways you work together. And certain exercises are highly configurable, allowing you to evaluate some of the unique characteristics of your group.

    I've used the product with my team multiple times, and it's been incredibly helpful both for me and my teams - we've received really positive feedback about using Accompany.

    In terms of return on investment, it's a no brainer for a team retreat, as well as for continued use. I'd pay significantly more for this, even as a very small startup - basically the product does nearly all of the legwork of helping you 1) figure out the right questions to ask your team 2) execute the process of gathering that data; 3) understanding how to interpret the data and facilitate a conversation around it.

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  • 5 & Vine
    5 & VineFounder & CMO, 5&Vine

    Insight into team members and how to enable greatness. Makes for a great set of tools to use during an offsite.


    A new tool. The UI is functional and nice, but could use some polishing.

    Managing a team is hard. makes it easier to enable greatness by giving you insight into what's enabling and holding your team back. And unlike pulse or engagement surveys, Accompany's tools help you understand and optimize interactions between team members. I'm a big fan.

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  • Pros: 

    clever framework and quality tools


    free version does not include all the resources

    great for hosting a team off-sites

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  • Aidan Chopra
    Aidan ChopraCo-founder & CCO at Bitsbox

    Incredibly accomplished and dedicated founding team


    Convincing your team to take the time

    Super-useful for team offsites. Get right to the meat of the matter!

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  • Gillian Langor
    Gillian LangorProgram manager

    I have tried the tools myself, but have not yet used it with a team.


    Not sure yet! Excited to try and get my team to do this!

    I need help convincing my team to buy into these tools.

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