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Banner ads generation platform for marketers

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2019
Abyssale is a simple and powerful platform enabling you to generate advertising banners for your company.
🤖 Our robots provide procedural algorithmic banner generation.
🎨 No design skills required. We got your back!
😺 Banners generated on Abyssale are completely royalty-free.
🖥️ Desktop only supported
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⚡UPDATE: Unsplash integration has been added ⚡ 👋Hey everyone! Thanks for hunting us @alexd ! We’ve spent the last 6 months building Abyssale from the ground up, and I’m thrilled to finally share our open alpha with you! Marketing your product or service requires the creation of visual content on a daily basis. Usually, that involves design skills & knowledge that only a designer has, but is it really necessary? Remember the last time you've been in a rush to create and post some marketing content without any decent banner because of that? Worry no more we got your back! 🛠 Solution: We built Abyssale - A platform that enables you to generate marketing banners for your business! With minimal inputs from your end (text, logo, picture(s) & additional styling options) and by automating the creation process, Abyssale enables you to spend more time optimizing your budget & marketing strategy. ⭐Features: - Step by step funnel with included tips - IAB 300x250, Facebook & Linkedin banner formats - Batch generation - Downloadable "@2x" png banner. While we improve the platform with new features and formats, our product will be entirely free. This alpha period will last 1 month after which we’ll shift to a paid private beta release. 🙏 We’ve received great feedback from users during the closed alpha, and we are looking forward to hearing what you all think! Ask us anything in the comments, we'll reply to all of them. Cheers, The Abyssale team 🦉🦊🐰
@alexd @2x @nxalessandro Unsplash integration is a total lifesaver! Just made a bunch of banners for myself! :) A few of other things/features I wish to see in there - https://app.usebubbles.com/7ab8f...
I love the visual in the top right of your screen 💚 Very promising product, looking forward to try it ;-)
@seyz_ Thanks a lot ! It does looks nice :)
This is a really nice idea! Creating banner ads at scale is a frustrating experience for both our Marketing dept and graphic department. However, I think while Abyssale does a great job, what it's really doing is giving you far too many creative options and instead, not allowing you to define your company's brand and output generated branded templates. I see this being extremely powerful with the following: - Using your brand's font - Inputting content and outputting the same content to various templates all at scale (not just design variants of one template
@simongabriel Thank you for trying out the alpha and your feedback! We are aware that the current overall quality could be improved for brands, this will be a constant battle for us as we move on and add new features to the platform. You are totally right, we got some excellent feedback during our closed alpha, these helped us define our roadmap which includes some of your points: - Adding brand « presets » capabilities - Content variations at scale - Settings modifications during the rendering - Simplified edition options - New banner formats - New layouts, decorations & variations of designs - And many more… Some of these features are scheduled for our beta build and the overall revamp of the UI & UX of the platform.
Awesome idea, just tried the Alpha! Overall, easy flow and good looking UI. Few things to consider: - Support for Google Display ads format (for us, this is the main pain point now). There's a bunch of different sizes and shapes for Google Display ads and it's a pain to basically create each one from scratch. - Add custom fonts. We prefer using our own fonts or alternative Google Fonts. - Add a download button directly on the page where images are being generated. I was a bit confused by the "Bookmark" button and was looking for a download icon. - Another useful thing would be a "Brand Kit", where users can add their brand colors, brand fonts and images. This way, when I would create a new banner I won't need to add all those details from scratch. Looks like you're on the right track. Will keep an eye on the next versions. 🙌🏻
@andrei_negrau Thank you for your feedback! In the future, it is likely that we will add: - more banner formats (IAB, social...). You can even vote for the next format directly on our app (on the first generation step, there is a button at the bottom of the page) 🙂 - a "brand presets" feature: Ability to upload your own font, select colors, logo.... As you mentioned, that will ease and speed up the generation process. About the "Bookmark" button, we choose to display it here instead of a download capability to let you save your banners (and even edit them in the future). If you would like to stay tuned about our updates: https://blog.abyssale.com/tag/ch... Our robots are waiting to generate your next banners 😁
Looks very promising for an alpha version. Keep it up!
@dsmwebdesigner Thanks a lot for your support !