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Design collaboration without the chaos

Abstract brings git-inspired version control & collaboration to your design team. Centralize design decisions, feedback, and files. Integrates with Sketch & Adobe XD.
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Director of Product Design @ Prepathon

Though it's well designed, the product isn't ready for paying customers by a long margin.


Addresses a big need - organization of design files


Too many bugs, very slow, high resource usage


Version 0.66 currently. Use with caution, I've had nothing but headaches with this software


Source Control for Sketch files, pretty novel


Crashes constantly, confusing interface, TONS of bugs

Product Designer

It's a great concept but the implementation is still lacking; resource usage is incredibly high, the application is frustratingly slow, and the amount of bugs encountered is in the tens per day.


Very cool VCS for design tools


only for sketch, INCREDIBLY resource intensive, very buggy

@itsalive co-founder

Abstract changed our design team organization at itsalive.io

Great job guys, keep the good work.


Really impressive, fast and automated : a GIT for your sketch designs


Buggy but improving quickly

Product Design Manager @Buyhatke
@matpreau We have set up abstract for our design team. But, the support reponse is really slow. No answers, yet.
Product designer at Uphold Inc.

This is a new way to manage design work. I really appreciate their app pretty new and pretty awesome. Recommended for small and medium and larger design teams who are working with product apps.


Easy to manage product design projects based on Git technology


They need to grow faster.

Support Adobe files.

Digital product designer, Onteractive.eu
We are having a 8 person team on abstract working on big projects, and lately the abstract performance is so bad, I really don't know what to do but rant everywhere. We are working on very time sensitive project but syncing, opening file, even deleting branch is too slow that I we couldn't continue the work for day!!!!!! I love the idea of abstract, and I think this is the only right way to collaborate in a UI design team, but till you guys fix your issues, I can't recommend you guys to anyone, only can hold our pain of not being able to completely get rid of abstract while having to pay for it....