Open-source markdown editor built for desktop

Abricotine is an open-source markdown editor built for desktop.

Write in a clear distraction-free interface or in fullscreen mode.

Abricotine supports markdown syntax combined with some GFM enhancements (such as tables).

Save document as HTML or copy rich text to paste in your email client.

Document content is automatically previewed within the text as you type it.

Preview any image or iframe content (such as Youtube videos), math written with LateX, checklists and anchors

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This looks very helpful. How does it differ from similar products out there?
have been looking for a notepad replacements for making quick notes/text snippets as i work and browse. this just became the default. been using it in dark mode and it looks real nice. Great work @ptrkcsk
@jwelch I only hunted it. Here's the maker: https://github.com/brrd. I couldn't find him on Twitter so I didn't add him as Maker on this post.
@ptrkcsk oops, sorry. well done for hunting!