ABBYY Business Card Reader

Scan cards ≡ in a second and manage them everywhere ☁

Business Card Reader captures and stores contact from business cards in 25 languages to your smartphone. The cards are automatically photographed, cropped and saved and can be accessed from any device. The app supports Apple Watch and iMessage.
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Hi everyone, Very excited to see ABBYY Business Card Reader on Product Hunt! A big thank you to @chrismessina for hunting us! At any business meeting, event or conference (for example, here at WWDC), a smart business card scanner becomes a real lifesaver. When you meet dozens of people every day, you need a smart and easy-to-use tool to digitize all the business cards, manage the new contacts and follow up on the conversations you had. After all, one of these conversations might completely change the future of your business or even your life! That is why we created BCR – for all of us not to miss out on any potential partnerships, opportunities, investments, collaborations, sales, insights and breakthroughs. Featured in The NYT, The Telegraph and on CNN, ABBYY BCR is an all-synced cross-device service – an iOS, watchOS and iMessage app, an Android app, and now a web client too, which we just launched on June 1. First and foremost, it is a convenient mobile scanner with accurate and fast text recognition of cards in 25 languages. Then, it is a contact manager allowing you to easily save and update important information about your business contacts, exchange digital cards in one tap, connect on social media and export lists to Excel and Salesforce. Lastly, in this capacity, BCR becomes your simple personal CRM solution essential for effective networking. Now with the introduction of the cloud-based web client, it’s even easier to edit cards, make notes, and work with contacts or, better yet, make them work for you. We absolutely love the Product Hunt community! Which is why we have prepared for each of you a free premium subscription to ABBYY Business Card Reader for 3 months. To activate the promo code, please follow this link on your smartphone (iOS or Android). We would be very grateful for your support, comments and questions! Have an amazing day, guys!
I like ABBYY, great product!
@kostyarypta thank you! We love to hear that you know and use our app!
Will i see the images of cards i scanned in the web app?
@david_yang1 thanks for question! Yes, of course, you can see front and back side of card as well as photo of owner, if it was added to contact in the BCR web app
@david_yang1 great app))) quickly and works perfectly in @salesforce and other ...
Great product from a great company. Text Grabber was a life saver in college, now Business Card Reader will help me in my career? You deserve more upvotes.
@amokrane_tamine thanks for your comment. Bcr is already 8 years old, so I believe that there are many people who use it and support us here.
Great product, awesome team. I like your product! Thanks guys, I use it every tech event! When will you support iOS 11? :-)
@sharifulin nice to hear that, you make us happy! We will be as fast as possible to support iOS 11, I hope somewhere in the beginning of September we will do it, it's hot time for iOS developers....