TravelingProf reviewedAaloLego-like furniture with beautiful & minimal design

Looks good


Prices are outrageous

I went to the website and saw the prices. Minimalist furniture should have minimalist prices. It seems this is the "modern art" of furnishings.

Bookshelf on aalo = $220

IKEA's Laiva bookshelf = $19.99

TravelingProf has never used this product.
Sejun Park
Sejun Park@sejunpark · Lego Builder. Founder @ Aalo
Thanks for your comment. While we're striving to bring more cost savings into our product offerings in the future, our aim is not to compete nor compare with Ikea's pricing model especially with their entry level products. I'm a big fan of Ikea myself and what they have built, but we'd like to differentiate ourselves by providing a new type of furniture that can take multiple forms, can be played around with, and have high quality materials. Having said that, with our common parts design we might be able to offer more variety of pricing options in the future once we achieve economy of scale. Thanks!
To use IKEA's own trademark slogan "impossible price!"
Sejun Park
Sejun Park@sejunpark · Lego Builder. Founder @ Aalo
@monirom Seriously, right?? And it took them decades of planning and development to get there. We hope to achieve something similar someday without compromising our modularity and quality :)