AAC Bestie 2.0

A communication app for kids with autism

AAC Bestie gives a voice to non-verbal kids affected by autism. By easing communication, the app improves the child's quality of life & helps integrate into society. The app features a simple user interface designed with kids, parents & SLPs in mind.
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Hi PH - AAC Bestie helps non-verbal kids communicate with their parents & others. Existing solutions tend to be legacy products which are clumsy & expensive. We set out to create an app that is more intuitive & enables kids to learn to use their new voice through helpful tools & eventually gamification. We appreciate any feedback. 😉
@elephantent What's new since your last launch?
Hi @amrith - Thanks for the question. Our other app, which is also a communication app, is built for adults who already know how to type on a qwerty keyboard but have lost their voice. Meanwhile, this app is built specifically for non-verbal children - as such the qwerty keyboard is replaced with clickable pictures which can be customized, there are tools for parents and SLPs to help the child improve their communication skills & the flow of the app is completely different. Hope that helps!