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Alex Carter
Alex CarterHunter@alexcartaz · Operations @ 60dB. Ex-PH Podcasts 😻
As software becomes core to every industry, there is a need for more and more software development across practically every department in a company. But as anyone who has tried to get quality software developed knows, that has given rise to a supply and demand problem. Leveraging open source software is a big part of the solution to that problem, but venturing into the open source world raises all sorts of questions for most companies. For example, how do you engage as a company in the open source community; what are your obligations to the project; and if you are hiring a development team what clues ought you to be looking for to get the best developers? And what are the developers looking for? And in the end, who’s responsible and accountable for the all this code flowing around? In a discussion from the firm’s 2015 Tech Summit, @stevesi digs into all those questions with a panel that includes @rogerdickey, founder and CEO of Gigster, Slack CMO @bmacaitis, GitHub Director of Field Services @matthewmccull, and @spolsky, co-founder and CEO of StackOverflow.