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>“We live in a world where we use millions of variables to predict which ad you’re going to click on. Whether or not you deserve to get a loan. What movie you might watch next. But when it comes to our bodies and even serious diseases, we want to reduce things down to just one or two variables.” It’s insane that we actually collect so little data about our bodies. The modern day physical is downright spartan in what it captures, not to mention that we’re using 200-year old tools to capture that very limited data. Which is why we need to borrow from other domains of science and data and apply that to our bodies, in more ways than one, argues Q founder and CEO Jeffrey Kaditz with a16z bio fund general partner Vijay Pande (in conversation with Sonal Chokshi) on this episode of the a16z Podcast. This podcast was discovered on @ottoradio 👍