A Web Whiteboard

Whiteboard with others in your browser, in real-time

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Hi folks, awesome to be featured here, thx @kaanemec! We've been working on this for some time, focusing on the simplicity of use - our mantra is that it should just work. So we've carefully weighted importance of every feature or tool we added, and most of them didn't get in. Aside from keeping this simple, we found this helps in making AWW usable on mobile phones and tablets as well (though the phone's screen still are the limiting factor in such an app). Any thoughts, suggestions and complaints welcome! I'll be happy to answer any questions here, Senko, AWW founder
The # of times I've doodled something with a pen and paper, then opened Gchat on my phone to take a picture and send it to a coworker... no more. This is great!
Being able to *quickly* whiteboard something out with a remote client would be fantastic. Not sure if your service is being hammered or not. A quick test here between my desktop + iPhone revealed a significant drawing delay between the two. Rough estimate: 30-45s delay. One thing I'd like to see is a status bar showing who is actively drawing/making a note. Keep moving & best of luck!
@xmcgraw yeah it's being hammered (visitors from here & reddit simultaneously, plus the usual users from the US starting to come in), usually the delay should be below 1s. RIght, the idea is to be able to quickly open a board (no logging in, or doing complex setup), share a link and off you go. Thanks for the suggestion to show who's drawing, we plan to do that as soon as we figure out how to do it without stealing space from the drawing area (probably some indicator on the menu). Thanks for the kind words!
This is awesome... you need to integrate this into various messengers (as long as their APIs allow for that)
@bopfger I don't know if various messangers allow integration of 3rd-party content inside, but if they do allow it, this is a great idea - I'll research that, thanks.
Senko, maybe you can integrate with FB Messenger: https://www.messenger.com/platfo...