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A Song A Day 2.0 is a collective of curators sending hand-picked songs to your inbox daily. We also feature original content and organize shows!

Hi! 👋YI can't believe A Song A Day launched 3 years ago. I have this very community to thank for bringing it to life. After learning many lessons, we've made some updates and got a make over! 💅

  • Rich Armstrong
    Rich ArmstrongProduct Designer

    Great new music!


    The music shared is on different platforms

    I love getting new/different music emailed to me. I'd really like my history of songs sent to me to be visible somewhere, and for them all to be playable on a single platform. But those are minor things – this is a fantastic service.

    Rich Armstrong has used this product for one year.
  • Jatin Shriyan
    Jatin ShriyanBuilding Software for Banks

    Old school, simple, curation of songs. It's got a human/personal vibe


    It would be cool to make it a little more conversational. I mean replying to mails becomes a little meh.

    I'm really glad i've discovered some great artists through the platform.

    All the best!

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Alex Jae Mitchell
Alex Jae Mitchell@deleted-787192
Nice work @shannnonb! Who did the creative? Looks great.
Shannon Byrne
Shannon ByrneMaker@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
@mitchellshow thanks Alex! It was Sunny Eckerle (sunnyeckerle.com). Her creative is great but she's also awesome to work with!
Trista Kempa
Trista KempaHiring@tristajaye · Ops + CX
i love.
Peter Javorkai ⚡
Peter Javorkai ⚡@javpet · Designer / Indie Maker / Bot Commander
Congrats Shannon! Honestly you were an inspiration to start my own small music project called remixmonsta. Happy to see Song a day evolving!
Shannon Byrne
Shannon ByrneMaker@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
@javpet oh man, what an honor. Thanks Peter! Will check yours out when I'm back from traveling as well!
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)Pro@emilyjsnowdon · Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi @shannnonb 👋 tell us about the big update? What's new in this release that we should check out?
Shannon Byrne
Shannon ByrneMaker@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
@ems_hodge Hey Emily! Yes, sure thing. We've moved everyone to what we call our "random" list so now everyone will get an email from a different genre and curator each day. We're also moving to 7 songs/week so it's truly daily. The most exciting part is a new focus on developing original content (artists interviews, industry commentary, etc.) and we're now offering custom playlists for your events, parties, office, etc. (which could probably be its own PH product :-) Here's the update all of our subscribers got today: http://mailchi.mp/asongaday/mond... Happy to answer any questions and always open to feedback!
Josh Khoury
Josh Khoury@josh_khoury · Sales, Freelance
Nice idea! Tell me, please, how did you choose curators for this project?
Shannon Byrne
Shannon ByrneMaker@shannnonb · Created asongaday.co. Content Strategist
@josh_khoury hey Josh! Well, the process has changed over time. Back in the day, I was accepting help from whoever would give it - friends, internet friends, acquaintances, internet strangers who found us here on PH first time around (some of those folks are now some of my closest friends!). Then, we had a sign up form and I would accept people based on their response to why they wanted to get involved and would pick the most passionate people. Then, managing the community got out of hand and we began only taking on curators as-needed for specific genres mostly through referral. I'm still figuring out what the process will look like moving forward. I will likely open it up to everyone who applies (and past applicants) and add them to the community after we've sent 10 of their song picks. That's a long answer, sorry - but I hope it answers your question!