Must-listen episodes from the best podcasts.

a++ helps podcast fans find must-listen episodes from the best podcasts. Episodes are curated by a team of award-winning radio makers and discerning radio listeners. Next time you decide to catch up on your favorite podcasts but aren’t sure where to start, you’ll have a road map.

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There are so many podcasts out there that I'd love to listen to, but their backlogs just keep getting longer and longer. I love the idea of being able to just find the best episodes from popular podcasts. @reedkavner How'd you get involved with podcasts?
@jakecrump Hey Jake! Thanks! I'm an avid fan who's dabbled a bit in radio production, but I'm actually not that involved in the podcast world beyond this project. a++ was dreamed up is and run by Mooj Zadie (@moojz), who is an editor at Fresh Air and hosts a great interview podcast called Tape.