8K Flexwarm

A heated jacket that lets you control the temperature

8K is a collection of stylish heated apparel that allows the wearer to control the temperature from a smartphone app. The jackets and gilets incorporate a unique printable heating technology called Flexwarm® that removes the need for bulky insulation layers and can achieve temperatures of up to 50c in 360 seconds.

I could have used this in Oregon last week. California has made me soft.
As someone who dreads being cold and often is when winter hits I absolutely love this idea! Totally putting it on my Xmas wish list 😀
@abadesi thanks for your feedback! glad you love the product as much as I do! 😀🔥
I would so buy this. As someone with fibromyalgia, I really suffer from cold winters. @barry_ryan, can I ask what led to you making this? I can imagining it being useful to so many people with conditions affected by colder weather
@daniellenewnham thank you for your question. It was really down to a desire to get people to be able to get outside and explore in any weather conditions. We also wanted to make the jackets stylish and lightweight. A lot of heated jackets currently on the market are aimed at workwear. We wanted garments that could also be also be a fashion accessory!
Great idea, I would totally buy one right now - but only deliverable to the UK? Also, how heavy is it - it says it includes a 7500mAh power bank, where does it live?
@humphrey_yang where are you based? we ship primarily in the UK but we can ship to some European countries. The battery sits inside a neat little pocket on the inside (this also houses the USB connector)
@barry_ryan United States, California
@humphrey_yang I've spoken to our shipping team and we can ship to the states. So you can place an order on our website. Let me know if you need anymore info.
@humphrey_yang Do you ship to Canada?
Fantastic product! Have you had trouble with people being too concerned about safety/health risks? I'm curious if adoption has been tough because people may be nervous about electricity/heat embedded in their coats ("what about rain?" etc.)?
@jeff_osborn the beauty of the products is that the Flexwarm technology is 100% safe to wash and it is extremely durable too (the heating technology is actually printed onto fabric)
@barry_ryan Dope -- I'm in! Has that amount of education been enough to quell concerns? I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about the larger masses. All it takes is one person saying a battery caught fire to take REI or scaling in other ways off the table. I'm genuinely curious if this is an issue you guys have run into as a major push-back from consumers.
@jeff_osborn interestingly it hasn't been much of a concern that we have come up against a lot. But the technology does go through lots of rigorous testing before it hits the market. I guess most people trust that the product is safe to use if it goes on general sale in Europe, because the safety requirements are so high these days.
@barry_ryan 👍 Thanks for taking the time to answer x2!