A fitness app for people who hate fitness

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Michael Zelensky
Marta Denkiewicz
  • Marta Denkiewicz
    Marta DenkiewiczDigital Health | UX Design and Research

    - no need to plan what to cook or buy for the week - love the exercise levels


    - connect to a shopping basket

    - if I could add my shopping list automatically to my Tesco basket to get my weekly groceries delivered that would be AMAZING - friendly and approachable feel, more 'common sense' driven, less data driven (no charts and graphs, and calories goals etc) - plan your next workout after completing one is a good piece of behavioral design a) making an explicit commitment increases the likelyhood of following up b) good timing to ask that question - I feel accomplished after completing a workout which makes me want to do it again - progressing from e.g. novice to intermediate level with my exercise routine gives me a sense of accomplishment

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