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#4 Product of the DayMarch 02, 2020
8base brings together the systems your application needs and makes them available through a single GraphQL API endpoint. This means that your backend is production-ready instantly, and able to scale automatically with your business.
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🚀 This day has been a long time coming! I'm so excited to announce 8base on Product Hunt. 8base is the platform that I wish I had at my past ventures. After raising lots of capital, I always saw that we were spending 80% of our time and money building and maintaining non-unique systems that all applications need - things like log-in and role-based permission-ing, and even workflow, messaging and notifications. These components were always critical, but when looked at in isolation, completely undifferentiated. Had I had 8base back then, we would have been able to launch faster, require less venture capital and operate using smaller teams. Our dream is that 8base will take care of the foundation for startup founders and makers in larger companies so that they can instead focus on innovation. It's a big goal, but I really believe that we can accomplish it! So far we've had dozens of startups, 1,000's of developers world-wide and some very large organizations using the platform. We've also got some epic projects in the hopper where we're providing design and development services to support non-technical founders that want to get to market fast with a scalable product. Either way, building amazing digital products is our passions and 8base is the manifestation of our dream to make doing so more accessible and economical for everyone. 💬 Feedback I'd love to know if you have any feedback, ideas or things to fix. We're constantly improving 8base and any feedback can have a HUGE impact. Thanks, Albert
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LITERALLY don't know what I'd be doing without 8base as a part of my stack these days. Love this startup and can't wait to see where they go.
@trash_mail1 I love hearing that!
To the Moon, guys! 🚀
@eugeniusives Thank you, Eugene!
@eugeniusives Thanks, Eugene!
Albert and the team have built something amazing. 8Base is a gift to the developer community.
@nikhiljoisr Thank you, Nikhil!
Awesome product! Used it for a while!
@hnatkovskyy Thank you, Bohdan! Good to hear!
@hnatkovskyy So happy to hear that!