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#1 Product of the WeekNovember 04, 2019
Create your website professionally without coding with 8b Website Builder! Based on Google AMP, 8b allows you to build lightning-fast, responsive and Google-friendly website in a matter of minutes. It includes a free HTTPS SSL certificate, much more!
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Hey PH, We introduce 8b Website Builder for you to easily build websites for free. We know how important it is to have a good looking website today. That's why we built 8b Website Builder and made it possible even for those who are not familiar with coding to easily build one. We tried to make it as convenient as possible: 8b features Drag and Drop, visual website development, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Websites generated by 8b are 100% responsive and "lightweight" due to the Google AMP basis. These features are responsible for providing the best user experience especially on mobile devices. You can use 8b for free. If you want to use such features as custom domain connection and site export, there is a subscription fee for $19 per year only. Here is the list of the best 8b features: * Awesome templates - Choose one of many website templates you like the most * Secure - HTTPS SSL certificate included * Connect your domain - Link your own domain or use *.8b.io * Site export - Download a full copy of your website and host it wherever you want * PWA - Turn your website into mobile or desktop app * Latest Google AMP - Your website will be 100% mobile-friendly and lightning-fast * Fast Google ranking - Submit your website to Google index with one single click * Multilingual Websites - Enjoy the support for websites on other languages * WYSIWYG - Easily drag website sections onto your pages and edit them visually Enjoy 8b and feel free to ask any questions!
@amirul Congratulations on the launch! If only this is JAMstack will be great as well.
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Nice. Love the PWA support / use of AMP. How does buying a custom domain work? Can I register it on 8b or is it BYOD
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@mateonoteveo Hi! Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately, you can't register your own custom domain on 8b, but you can connect it to your website or use *.8b.io subdomain for free. Please learn more here: https://help.8b.com/how-do-i-use... Hope you'll enjoy it 😊
@chris_larson1 ah, gotcha. Are there any plans to add it in the future? I've always loathed doing the whole DNS song and dance
@mateonoteveo It's a good idea! We'll think about implementing this feature it in the future!
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@mateonoteveo @chris_larson1 CNAME would be the best option, this way you still can have full control over your DNS records 😎
There is no option to delete my account. GDPR, hello?
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@gyorgy_kovesdi Thank you for your report!
Not much intuitive
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@muslimbek_vosidiy Thank you for your feedback! Could you specify your comment a little bit?
Looks great, is there any trial version?
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@behrensvicki2 Hi Behrens! Here is the maker. If you want to use some additional features (custom domain, site export), you can have a 7-day trial version. But generally, you can use 8b for free and I can guarantee you'll like it! 😊