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Chris Saad
Chris SaadMaker@chrissaad · Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform
We're excited to share these 8 apps that are now using the Trip Experiences API. The Washington Post — A newsworthy trip experience Otto Radio — Listen to news and podcasts timed for your ride Cupper — The ultimate coffee experience Hoodline — Discover local stories around your destination Work Hard Anywhere — Find the best spots to work from, and Uber there Doblet — Find phone charging stations while on the go BRAVO — Chat and pay while on your way Every app can benefit from this powerful context API to offer more personalized and contextual experiences to users as they move from A to B.
BRAVO Pay@bravotipping · Mobile mainstream blockchain payments!
@chrissaad Chris, John, Dustin and Uber team, we at BRAVO are honored!
Elmer Morales
Elmer Morales@elmerm · CEO / Founder of Koder
Very slick integrations! Can't wait to try them all during my next 8 Uber rides.